What is LikeBlockr?

LikeBlockr Press KitLikeBlockr is “the world’s first like blocking app for Instagram and a first for social networking”. This game-changing app questions social media’s authority and the value it places on the currency of likes. With this app you can:

  • Finally stop comparing the amount of followers you have to what others have.
  • Quit measuring a photo’s worth by the amount of “likes” it has.

LikeBlockr hides the number of likes your Instagram photos have (or don’t have) and the number of followers you, and others, have (or don’t have). If you like a photo, just look at it longer.


Enjoy it.

How Does LikeBlockr Work?

LikeBlockr seamlessly hides the number of followers and likes on Instagram. You can quit comparing the amount of followers you have to how many your friends, Kim Kardashian, and the @cats_of_instagram have. However, If you like what they have to share, you can still follow them, leave a comment, or take them out for coffee.

The app will not alter, or delete any of the content stored on Instagram.

likeblockriconrevised.1Relax. We Love You.

For more of LikeBlockr’s philosophy and reasons behind the app, check out our blog, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even on Instagram.

P.S if you want to go back to Instagram, you’ll find those precious “likes” right where they’ve always been. There might even be a few extra from the last time you checked. But don’t blame us when you get all jealous because you’ve got 50 followers, and your friend has 60, but they’ve only been on Instagram for less than a month, and their photos average 10 more likes than yours do.

LikeBlockr was initially launched as part of Atlas Sighed: the 2014 Calgary Biennial