Atlas Sighed and LikeBlockr in The Gauntlet


LikeBlockr is featured in the Gauntlet. Check it out by clicking here

The article gives wonderful context to Atlas Sighed: The 2014 Calgary Biennial the decentralized art exhibition that LikeBlockr is being launched through.

LikeBlockr’s sentiment to play devil’s advocate to the authority of Instagram “likes” is perfectly complimented by the vision of the Atlas Sighed curator and founder Steven Cottingham who intends the Biennial and it’s artworks to “… challenge the way we think of public space and who’s in control of it. If we’re being democratic, it belongs to everyone and not just people who have money to erect buildings and monuments,” Cottingham says. “I just want people to think more about equality, the roots of democracy and what it means to try and do the best for everyone.”




LikeBlockr featured in The Gauntlet

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