In case you missed Sunday’s broadcast of LikeBlockr founder Dan Zimmerman’s interview with CBC Spark and host Nora Young you can check it out live today (Wednesday, Feb. 25th) at 2:05 pm local time in most parts of Canada. Just find your local CBC station on that radio dial of yours. You can also tune in on SiriusXM Satellite radio at 2:00 pm on Channel 169.

Spark is a hit national radio show in Canada (not that anyone is measuring popularity) that focuses around the social implications of new technology and trends. The discussion on “social media without likes and followers counts” between Nora and Dan is a candid and informative conversation on measuring popularity, celebrity, and LIKES, LIKES, LIKES.

LikeBlockr Airtimes

Catch LikeBlockr on CBC Radio 1’s Spark Today

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